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Ecohesive is a breathable, flexible bandage ideal for use by healthcare professionals and patients with sensitivity to natural rubber latex. Its unique synthetic construction of nylon, viscose yarn and a latex-free coat forms a highly cohesive bandage offering consistent, non-slip support.


Ecohesive sticks only to itself, not to skin or clothing. It is hand-tearable in both directions, making it easy to apply. Ecohesive is highly conformable and is simple and painless to remove. Available in a wide variety of colours, each Ecohesive bandage is individually wrapped and stretches to approximately 4.5 m in length.


  • Self-adherent, cohesive wrap securely sticks to itself and not to skin or other materials.
  • Easily tears by hand for custom lengths. No need for scissors.
  • Porous construction allows ventilation of the wrapped area.
  • Retains dressings without tension around digits or limbs.
  • Available sterile/non-sterile and without latex.
  • Each bandage is individually wrapped.

Ecohesive® Elastic Cohesive Bandages with Camouflage Design

SKU: 82-Series