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Ecotex® Gauze Swabs (01 02 03 04 series)


  • Latex-Free;

  • Folded edges;

  • Sterile and non-sterile;

  • Full range of sizes and plies;

  • C-Fold process used to fold swabs;

  • High quality, long staple cotton yarn.



  • Reduces loose threads and lint;

  • Minimizes latex allergy concerns;

  • Enhanced absorbency and purity;

  • Multiple uses for a variety of needs;

  • Allows for proper procedures and variety of uses;

  • Helps to evenly distribute cotton throughout swabs.

CarePlus® Reusable Hot/Cold Pack (403 Series)

Elastic straps with VELCRO closure provide positioning versatility and controlled compression without pinching or binding.

Specially designed for comfortable and convenient application of heat or cold to painful areas of the body.

Elastic straps with VELCRO  closure provide positioning versatility and controlled compression without pinching or binding.

Ecolean® Skin Cleansing Alcohol Swabs (31 Series)

These sterile, skin cleansing swabs allow for fast and easy skin cleansing. EcoLean® are made in a 2 ply non-woven material impregnated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. They are sealed in a single, flexible laminate sachet, and come in easy-to-tear-apart strips of two. 

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy to use.

  • Generous amount of fluid.

  • For external and single use only.

  • Saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Ecoaid® Waterproof Disposable Pulp Kidney Dish (64 Series)

100% Recycled Paper, Waterproof, Disinfected by Ultraviolet,Sturdy and Solid Construction

GENERATION III - More Sturdy and Solid Construction, Disinfected by Ultraviolet.

Features & Benefits

  • Latex free.

  • Made out of 100% recycled paper.

  • Ideal for remote medical and first aid use.

  • Light weight design with amazing waterproof function.

  • Recyclable and biodegradable to be environmentally friendly.

  • Available in other shapes or sizes upon the customer’s request.

Ecoaid® Ice Bags (73 74 175 177 Series)

An economical choice for superior temperature therapy

The easy-to-use slim-clip closure design snaps shut with a reassuring click so you can be certain the bag is closed properly.

A large tab on the clip makes it easy to open, our two-piece hook and pin hinge design extends the life of the bag - just snap the clip back together if it disengages.

Ecoaid® Ice bags are designed with a mouth 30% to 40% wider than most traditional ice bags for easy filling with less mess.

A special three-layer construction includes a soft outer covering that's soothing against injured tissue, and absorbent middle layer to wick away moisture and a leak-resistant inner layer to help ensure the traumatized area stays dry.

Now you can choose from special designs, shapes and sizes for hard-to-cover areas including limbs, abdomen, eyes, face and perineum. Plus you have more options than ever to keep bags in place - choose elastic straps with VELCRO closure, ties or a traditional design without attachments.

Ecoaid® Splinter Probe (39 Series)

Features & Benefits

  • Protective cover to prevent accidental pricking and cross contamination.

  • Hygienically sealed in foil.

  • Disposable.

  • Easy to use.

  • Gamma irradiated.

CarePlus® Disposable Underpad (377 Series)

The most advanced underpad for optimal skin dryness. Keeps the bedding and patient dry.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced thermo-bonded core delivers superior skin dryness and resident comfort.

  • Locks fluid away to provide better care for the skin.

  • Super absorbent - 1 CarePlus® absorbs what used to require 3 or more underpads.

  • Strong and tear resistant.

  • Superior odor control.

  • Folded over edge for better containment.

  • Soft non-woven top sheet across the pad protects skin from contact with the poly backing.

  • Top sheet is fused to the core so it does not stick to the skin or bunch up while in use.

Ecoaid® Arm Sling (391 Series)

Reuseable, Supportive, Breathable, Adjustable

The EcoAid®  Arm Sling provides support for a broken or injured arm.

Adjustable shoulder strap and foam pad for comfort. Breathable polyester mesh allows air circulation and reduces heat buildup. Arm pocket folds inward for shorter arms.

Ultra-Grip® Terrycloth Medical Rubber Soled Slippers (395 S)

A Cozy Way to Stay Safe

Ultra-Grip Terrycloth Medical Rubber Soled Non-Slip Slippers are lightweight and breathable. They feature a rubber sole to help prevent patient falls, as well as being latex free and washable. They are designed with two way stretch and is available in a range of size and colours.

Features and Benefits

  • Latex-free.

  • Machine washable.

  • Soft and comfortable.

  • Color-coded by size for easy identification.

  • Flexible rubber soles provide comfort and traction while the soft terrycloth interior absorbs perspiration

Ultra-Grip® Terrycloth Medical Non-Slip Socks (127 Series)

Ultra-Grip Non-Slip Socks are lightweight and breathable. They feature double-sided grips for easy wearing and to prevent patient falls. They are latex free and washable and designed with a two way stretch. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

Double-Tread Socks with Double the Traction - 

One of our best-selling products!

With an innovative tread on the top and bottom, this sock provides a continuous grip for patients even if the sock twists on the foot. 

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to slip on and off.

  • Colour coding for easy matching on sizes.

  • Soft terrycloth on the inside absorbs perspiration and provides comfort and warmth.

  • Slip resistanttop and bottom to provide grip and help prevent patient falls.

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