EcoAid’s new biodegradable medication cup not only provide great patient care but also great care on the environment by replacing the plastic cups. It helps promote hospital sustainability agendas, providing environmental and financial benefits.


Q & A 
Q: Is this product Listed with TGA 
A:  Yes, TGA certificate is available upon request.

Q: Does it have graduation ?
A:  This product doesn’t have graduation, but we have other cup with graduation, for more info, please contact our customer service at

Q: Is this product designed for liquid medicine ?
A: This product doesn’t have the waterproof layer , so we don’t suggest to use on liquid medicine. 

Q: How to dispose this product 
A: Recycle bin is surely the first choice, but since the product is 100% biodegradable, there is no harm for you throw into the general waste bin. for more info, you can consult with your waste management contractor.

Ecoaid® Biodegradable Paper Pill Cup

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